suffix forming nouns (fiend; friend).
Etymology: OE -ond, orig. part. ending
suffix see -AND, -END.

* * *

— used after the figure 2 to form the ordinal second or an ordinal that ends in second

a 32nd note

— compare -d

* * *

a suffix added to the numeral 2 or any numeral ending with 2 (except 12) to indicate the ordinal number: »

42nd Street, November 22nd.

Nd (no period),
neodymium (chemical element).
ND (no periods).
1. national debt.
2. North Dakota (with postal Zip Code).
no date; not dated.

* * *

suffix variant spelling of , -end

* * *

— used in writing after the number 2 for the word second

He's in 2nd [=second] grade.

She came in 42nd in the race.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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